Minggu, 24 Juli 2011

owl attack!!

owl pouch :)

material : felt
IDR 15.000
*you can order any shape , color, and size you want 

stock : 5
stock : 3

Grab it fast guys ! ready stock !

aya miniature doll

 she is aya and she is wearing elementary school uniform
 look at behind :)
 greeting plush
miniature doll

material : cotton
IDR 30.000 (include greeting plush)

happy crafting :)

owl pouch

owl pouch :)

IDR Rp 15.000
stock 7
stock 5

grab it fast !! ready stock for 5 lucky person :)
happy crafting everyone :)

mua miniature doll

doll doll doll :) I love to make doll , and I have made muaa miniature doll shown above
greeting plush as always :D
this doll is ordered by tuti ( again ) hehe thank you deaaaar :) smooch and hug for you :*
miniature doll

materials : cotton
IDR 30.000 ( include greeting plush )

Happy crafting everyoneee :"""""")

Jumat, 24 Juni 2011

pretty in red and blue ♥

today I met my old friend, kokom, to gave this doll. I met her when I was join youth camp a year ago and we become friend until now :3  long long time no see her so when we were meeting today we have talking to much. really miss you so my friend :3
this doll is ordered by kokom for her friend's birthday gift. she told me that her friend really loves blue and red so I made the doll just in blue and red :")
as always, greeting plush always be there :D
Happy birthday Fikri Intizhar
material : cotton and canvas
IDR Rp 30.000 ( include greeting plush )

thanks for ordering kokom, I hope you satisfied :D thank you dear !

shaun the sheep

this is first time we made it. hope you like this :p

the sheep is flying into the air wkwk

hello my name is mini shaun :)

materials : felt and Dacron
IDR : 5.000
Happy Crafting :)

Sabtu, 18 Juni 2011

Bubu Doll : A man who brings camera :P

bubu and friends :)
after packing. taraaa !! is it nice ? 
Bubu Doll

materials : cotton
IDR 30.000K ( include camera )

Happy crafting everyone :D